Soft Retail Accounting


Soft Retail Accounting is a simple yet comprehensive Accounting Software Application that is suitable for small shops and trade businesses. This is MS Access (2010) based application and supports only the single user. So if you run small shop or trading business and alone look after all the affairs of business, this Accounting Software is for you. System Requirement is MS Access (2010 or higher). You may just download the MS Access file and start doing your work. You will buy PIN number only when you have successfully entered 25 sales invoices and you are satisfied with the functionality of the system.

4 thoughts on “Soft Retail Accounting”

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  2. Adnan says:

    Dear Sir,

    if i want to search product in invoce i need to do.
    for example:
    i am going to make a new sale invoice i don’t know code and i want search product by it is not working.

    1. khuram says:

      Dear Adnan,

      Product search feature is now included in sales invoice form as well as in other forms like purchase invoice, sale/purchase return forms, opening stocks form etc.

      Thanks for giving feedback … you can download now from same previous links and updates are there.


  3. I download and use the accounting software form this link.It helps me to grow my financial terms.Thanks for sharing this post.

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