Which is the simplest Accounting Software?


Well — there are thousands of Accounting Software systems available on Internet and all of them have the claim that only their system is the simplest. Fact is that most of them do not even function upon downloading. Only few Accounting Software Systems do work and one of them is Soft Retail Accounting.

In order to see if a system is simple or not, we should see the output of that software. If output reporting is comprehensive where inventory accounts, cost accounts and financial accounts all are included, then somewhat complexity of input entry forms may be tolerated. Most of the working Accounting Software Systems fail this test because reporting is often insufficient or sometimes meaningless whereas input entry forms are always more complex than Soft Retail Accounting.


Anyhow, the topic is highly subjective. My advice to readers is that please download Soft Retail Accounting and also download few other working systems and then compare entry forms of each system. How setup of the system works. How opening stocks are injected into the system. How purchasing and selling works and how receipt/payment of cash or cheques function. Soft Retail Accounting provides logically straight methods for all theses tasks. There is not a single unnecessary field in any entry form. The underlying idea for the development of Soft Retail Accounting was to ensure getting maximum of output reporting by entering only minimum of input. Extra input columns however can be added at extra low cost upon request of specific clients.

Nevertheless, Soft Retail Accounting does not offer specific functionality suitable for only large retail setups. Soft Retail Accounting is here to empower small retail businesses with the capability to take them at the next level of growth. When finally the business shall prosper into the shape of a successful giant, then it can easily switch to any suitable high-end Accounting System.

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