How to keep Backup of Soft Retail Accounting?


Our clients have had best backup experience with Soft Retail Accounting is simple MS Access 2010 file. Just save this file in dropbox folder. The folder will itself manage backups of this file. Dropbox is free up to 2GB whereas Soft Retail Accounting blank file is almost 52 MB and there is long way to reach 2GB threshold. Therefore enjoy the benefits of free dropbox folder. You can download dropbox folder on two or more different computers/laptops with single account. Using this strategy, some of our clients make purchase entries at home at night whereas sales is entered at the time of sale at business place. However Soft Retail Accounting should not be opened on more than one system at the same time as it could generate multiple copies on dropbox folder.


With Soft Accounting file saved in dropbox folder, you can restore any previous version of file in case something went wrong recently. Also if your system crashes, you can download dropbox on a different system with same account and you will see your Soft Accounting file intact in dropbox folder.

There is no need to continuously use internet while using dropbox. You can make entries during offline then get connect for few minutes. All the updates will automatically be saved on Internet. If you do not use Internet at all, then you should manually and regularly keep backup copy of Soft Retail Accounting in your flash drive or any other external storage device.

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