Buy PIN Number

Soft Retail Accounting is free downloadable in working condition. It works up to 25 sales invoice entries. After that limit, you will need to purchase PIN number from here. All reports and entry forms remain fully functional after this limit except for sale invoice entry form.

Buying PIN number is a three step process.

STEP-1 — Check your Serial Number from About Section of your Soft Accounting System:

Your actual serial number will be different and you will note your own serial number.

STEP-2 — Make payment of $85/- via following Paypal button.


Step-3 — After making payment, send us Serial Number of your Soft Retail Accounting to this email address:

Note: Customers from Pakistan may contact us at or SMS at 0302-6662493 or Whatsapp at +923026662491 for alternative payment methods via Bank Transfer of PKR.10,000/- only (i.e. lesser than the exchange rate).

You will receive your PIN number within few hours through email. You will copy that PIN number in “Enter PIN Number” right underneath your Serial Number in About section. PIN number shall remain on same place for the lifetime of system. If it is deleted by mistake then you can always find it from previous emails or can again request from us against same Serial Number. As long as PIN number remains in place, sale invoice form shall remain fully functional as usual.