Calculated decisions right at the time of purchase


At the time of making purchase entry, Soft Retail Accounting System gives you option to see weighted average prices of purchase items for the previous periods. Thus the system informs you about cost price trends over time and helps you take calculated decisions. In this screenshot, last three items were not purchased during the year […]

How to keep Backup of Soft Retail Accounting?


Our clients have had best backup experience with Soft Retail Accounting is simple MS Access 2010 file. Just save this file in dropbox folder. The folder will itself manage backups of this file. Dropbox is free up to 2GB whereas Soft Retail Accounting blank file is almost 52 MB and there is long way […]

How an already running business can adopt Soft Retail Accounting?


Let’s say a Toys and Cosmetics Shop is already running. If business is to be shifted to Soft Retail Accounting on let’s say 25-05-2018, then we are in need to enter two things in system: Stock Positions as on 25-05-2018 and; Balance Sheet as on 25-05-2018. Let’s say following is the stock position as on […]

How records are saved in Soft Retail Accounting?


Standalone Soft Retail Accounting is MS Access 2010 based application. Here you will not see ‘save’ button in any entry form because everything is automatically saved once a complete row within an entry form is entered and cursor moves to the next row. When cursor has moved to next row, then it means that all […]

Soft Retail Accounting is an Integrated Accounting System


Financial Accounting is basically Non-Integrated Accounting which accounts for only the monetary aspects of every business transaction. You purchase hundreds of inventory items but to record purchase, you only debit one “Purchase” Account with purchase value without any mention of quantities involved. Similarly you sell different trade items and record them by giving credit to […]

Soft Retail Accounting offers Perpetual Inventory System:


Soft Retail Accounting is a powerful Perpetual Inventory Tracking method. With every sale/purchase (and returns thereof) entry, updated  position of every stock item is reflected automatically in every related report. With the power of running balance of every stock item as well as ledger account, tracking of inventory or ledger account at present as well […]

Soft Retail Accounting is a POS System Also…!!!


Soft Retail Accounting is a unique Accounting Software. It is common to see certain POS systems that are integrated with in-house or any other established Accounting Software System. Soft Retail Accounting is unique Accounting Software which is a complete automated double entry book keeping system as well as Cost and Inventory Accounting System. Not only […]

What if I do not make cash book entries?


Soft Retail Accounting is very flexible accounting application. If you make no cash book entry in cash book entry form … you will still get all the inventory reports in “Inventory/ Stocks Books” section. It means that you will still get gross profit against each and every sales entry (the entry you make in usual […]

Diligence is definitely required for the implementation of system:


No system can be implemented with casual approach. Business owner must pay attention to working of the system just like a regular duty — and only then system will be beneficial for the business. System is tool for doing business. For tightening nut bolts, tools are needed — So for doing business, system is also […]

Transfer of payment from one business bank account to other bank account


Soft Retail Accounting’s Cash Book entry form can handle as many bank accounts as you choose. But currently the feature of transfer of money from one bank account to other is not available in cash book entry form. For such a transfer, you need to make two separate entries in cash book. In first entry […]